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We have a new addition to our family… Meet Lilly Lou – our adorable chocolate miniature dachshund!

Well actually we’ve had her for about 6 weeks but I just haven’t been sharing her photos here on my photography website yet – they’ve been posted all over Facebook and I also created a website specifically for our love of dachshunds :)  It’s called My Doxie Shop!

This photo is one of my favorite images of all time!!!  She just looks so sweet and regal and elegant!

I will definitely be getting this printed on canvas for my home and will be including it in a calendar I’m working on right now!

Gina Hickman Photography League City Pet Photographer Chocolate Dachshund Puppy

Lilly at 8 weeks – her first portrait!


If you need a pet photographer in the Houston – Galveston area, just give me a call – I’d love to work with you and your pet :)


It’s official!

I have 2 little thieves…. blanket thieves that is!

Every time I get a new blanket, I think “oh this will be my special blanket”, but NOOOOOO

These girls love snuggling in a soft blanket just as much as I do :)

Gina Hickman Photography Galveston Pet Photographer Molly 074

but seriously… who could resist that face?

Gina Hickman Photography Galveston Pet Photographer girls 035

So of course, I will share with them ;)



This is what the girls like to do when it’s gorgeous out…

Sunbathe in the front yard!

How are you enjoying this gorgeous weather?



When I discovered Instagram a little over a year ago, the first thing I started sharing was pics of my doxies!

Of course once you start tagging your pics, then searching the tags you will find others who have the same interests as you :)

Then you follow some of them, and they may follow back….

and pretty soon you have people all over the world who know your doxies by name!!!

Here are my favorite (and most “Liked”) pics of Daisy & Molly:

What are your favorite instagram pics?



I brought “the girls” with me to the studio on Sunday while I did some reorganizing.

I thought while we were there I would see if they would cooperate and sit in one of my Christmas scenes…


You can just imagine how that went… they thought it was like a dog playground!!

They were so excited and just ran in circles chasing each other around – it was pretty funny :)

Here they are staring out one of the windows, like “Hey!  Why are we inside when we could be playing OUTSIDE??”

First I tried sitting Molly on the pink chair, she was just a blur in every image so I thought maybe I’d have better luck with Daisy.

She sat pretty still for me and I was able to capture a variety of her very expressive (*to me) faces, LOL!!




Since we’ve moved to Galveston at the beginning of September we’ve gotten to do so much more with Daisy and Molly – and they are adjusting just fine I do believe!

Early morning sunrise walks on the beach:

Sneaking into the covers in Mama & Daddy’s bed…

Snuggled up next to Mama as she works on the computer…

And lots of walks in the Downtown Historic Strand area… always making lots of new friends!!

I love that we are getting to spend more time with them, being so close to work and home on the Island!



I’m kicking off some new weekly features with this re-design of my website and the first one is called “Weenie Wednesday”!!!


Ok, If you’ve read anything about me you’ve probably noticed that I have a couple dachshunds, right?

Well Daisy is the red, black & tan girl and is 3 1/2 years old, and Molly is the black & tan girl and she’s just a little over 1 year old.

There is not a day that goes by that they don’t make Hubby and I smile and laugh and they bring so much joy to our home :)

Here are a few recent pics – since we’ve moved to Galveston “the girls” get to go to the beach a lot, it’s one of their favorite places, they get to run free and chase the birds, and dig in the sand and lay in the sun or shade :)

Some are iPhone and some with my DSLR.

Hope you enjoyed this first edition of Weenie Wednesday!!! You’ll be seeing lots more of Daisy & Molly’s adventures in the weeks to come :)